Thoughts From a Novice at Bouldering

La Sportiva Tarantulace climbing shoes in front of a bouldering wall at Momentum in Lehi, Utah

A few months ago I saw someone tweet this: You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.

I’ve thought about it a lot since then. Literally every day. I am my own person and I should look and dress exactly how I want. I’m normally best at this when it comes to outdoor stuff. I love my outdoor clothes and gear. I feel and look like my best self when wearing four-way stretch shorts, Chacos, and obnoxiously bright T-shirts.

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My 2017 “Try New Things” Resolutions

I started this list in January… and I forgot about it until just now! So here’s an introduction and update on all the new things I’m trying in 2017.

  1. Go on a (new) hike once a month.
    • Without even trying, I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing pretty well at this!
  2. Roll my own sushi.
    • Peter and I rolled sushi for Valentine’s Day. It was awesome.
  3. Use the climbing shoes I bought last year.
    • It took a few months, but I’ve now used them a number of times. My new thing is bouldering. Expect a post on that soon!
  4. Sleep outside in southern Utah. (Somehow I’ve never slept without a tent when camping around red rock)
    • I’ve done this a handful of times now! My new favorite thing is sleeping in the bed of Peter’s beloved truck.
  5. Sleep in my hammock.
    • To happen soon. I hope.
  6. Try new dutch oven recipes.
    • I did a few dutch oven meals a few weeks ago on a quick overnight trip. I would highly recommend green enchiladas and raspberry peach cobbler. Plenty more delicious dishes to come!