About Me

Hi, I’m Anna. I like to design, edit and write.

 I tweet. About YouTube, food, the national parks, the Green Bay Packers, weird things my friends say and Premier League soccer (specifically Liverpool FC).

I Instagram. Pictures of road trips and other excursions, my friends, books, my Chacos, things I cook and my face. With just one touch my life looks cool.

I design. Display posters, wedding announcements, event fliers, infographics and other print media. Sometimes I even sell these things at Palindrome Posters. If you’re interested in posters, invitations, fliers, and more, contact me here.

For me, YouTube will always reign supreme in the realm of social interaction. I choose watching vloggers like Grace Helbig and John & Hank Green, or web series like Video Game High School, over most other forms of entertainment. The YouTube community means the world to me.

I’m working on visiting all of the national parks. (Next up is Black Canyon of the Gunnison). I’m also quite fond of wearing flannel shirts and cooking/eating Thai food.


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