#NationalAnna: Speedy Stop at Teton and Yellowstone

One of Peter’s sisters and her family decided to do a post-4th of July trip to Teton and Yellowstone. Peter feels very strongly about Teton and we know how I feel about Yellowstone, so off we went to meet up with them.

In Grand Teton we didn’t have much time, basically a day, so we hiked around Jenny Lake, something I had never done. What a time.

On the hike back it started pouring rain, but that was kind of wonderful. It definitely cooled things down.

Then we met up with his family at their condo in Jackson Hole before getting an early start the next morning on the road to Yellowstone. We took the road through Teton to get to Yellowstone, going in through an entrance I had never been to before.

The main thing we did that day was Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Because obviously. It’s probably my favorite place in the park. Maybe. Check back in after I look at more pictures of Grand Prismatic.

After hiking around that area, we went to the main geyser area to see Old Faithful erupt along with Peter’s family. We got dinner with them there and then dragged everyone to Grand Prismatic as the sun was setting.

It wasn’t what I expected from Grand Prismatic. But it was still amazing. Seeing it at sunset when it was a bit cloudy in places was wild. The steam was incredible. The reflections were even more fantastic.

Peter and I had to leave the next day so he could go to one of his closest friend’s weddings. That was disappointing and I definitely didn’t hide the fact that I was trying to make up excuses for us to stay.

Needing to be home by early evening didn’t stop us from going into the park once more to hike at Biscuit Basin to see Mystic Falls.

We didn’t encounter anyone on the trail until we were on our way out, which is what happened the last time I was there too.

Every trip I take to these parks is too short. Yes, even when I spent 5 days in Yellowstone.


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