#NationalAnna: 5th Times the Charm at Arches & Back to Canyonlands

Our April trip to Arches was a quick one. We got to Moab late the night before and planned to spend the morning in Arches and the afternoon in Canyonlands.

The morning was actually spectacular because the people camping near us had an adorable dog. This dog was my new best friend. His name is Bigby and he was great at Frisbee. I got to play with him while eating breakfast. Best breakfast ever.

Peter and I headed into the park with the goal of exploring an area he had read about online.

First we stopped at the Windows and Double Arch. Peter actually hadn’t walked around the Windows in a long time, and luckily it was early enough in the day that we really didn’t encounter many people. It also helps when you do the full loop. Most people don’t bother, but it’s well worth a secluded walk.

Then we took the Salt Valley road to explore around the Marching Men. We went up part of the 4WD, clearance-needed roads but couldn’t go the whole way because we had to meet up with the friends we previously camped with. We’re still looking forward to going back.

Then it was time to enjoy Dead Horse Point State Park. This was my first visit there and it’s quite something! Reminded me a lot of certain parts of Canyonlands, which makes sense because it’s really close by and you’re looking at some of the same stuff from a different angle.

And then we dragged Peter’s friends to Canyonlands. Because of course we had to. They only stopped for 2 things, choosing to look at the Schaefer Trail from above and checking out Mesa Arch. Sadly, we couldn’t get them over to the White Rim Overlook. One of them is pretty dang scared of heights, so maybe that was for the best.

How many photos will I take of this same view? Countless. I want albums and albums of photos of this same view. Because how could I not?


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