A Clif Bar Halloween

I don’t remember when I first discovered cool mint chocolate Clif Bars, but it was some time in 2015. And boy did they change my life! They’re my go-to sweet snack everywhere. I always keep a couple at my desk; there’s always at least one in my backpack; I’ve begun to buy them in bulk.

I’ve eaten countless Clif Bars and countless cool mint chocolate ones, which means I’ve looked at the packaging countless times as well. These particular bars feature a real cool rock climber just leading the way up a rock face. So obviously I had to be that person for Halloween.

I don’t remember when I first had this idea, but it was at least a month before Halloween. When I first told people my plan, my outdoorsy friends thought it was hilarious; my work friends were amused but confused. All of that was equally motivating and I got to planning what I would need to wear. Luckily, that took about all of two minutes.

The climber wears a red shirt. I have quite the collection of red shirts already (#OnWisconsin), but none of them were plain red and I’m pretty sure all of them do indeed reference the University of Wisconsin. So I had to buy a shirt. Shout out to Wal-Mart for selling a men’s pocket tee for $5.

The climber wears dark gray shorts. This past summer I purchased Eddie Bauer shorts in that exact color.

The climber wears a harness. My harness isn’t red, but my interpretation of the climber didn’t need to be that spot on.

The climber wears “mint” colored shoes. My actual climbing shoes are basically that exact color, but I wasn’t about to wear them out and about on Halloween and to various parties. My Adidas trail runners were still perfect for this as they are bright green, mint, and black. I was nailing it.

To help people understand who I was and what I was representing, I bought iron-on letters at Wal-Mart, something I’d never actually used before. With a little help and encouragement from Peter I got all the letters in perfect position and they ironed on beautifully. All I needed then was an adventure.

Somehow I ended up only needing to work until noon on Halloween and it didn’t take much to convince Peter that we should spend the afternoon of that day (his birthday!) rappelling at Diamond Fork Canyon. Joining us was my former roommate Becca, who had never done any rappelling before. I’m not an expert by any means, but I had done so ONE other time. Though the morning and night before had been rainy, we truly had a perfect day around the red rock.



But the day wouldn’t be complete without glamour shots of my “costume” (which I’ll probably wear regularly throughout the coming year). Keep in mind that if you ever want a lot of photos of your butt, take up rock climbing and rappelling. You’ll never run out of them.

20161031_170249 20161031_170551 20161031_170549 20161031_170538_2


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