#NationalAnna: Grand Teton

My time in Grand Teton was short lived. My friends and I stopped there for lunch and quick hike on our way back from Yellowstone (so this was still August 2013), though in that short time we still managed to see a bear and her cubs. Can’t exactly complain about that, eh?

We’d just finished lunching in a picnic area and a couple rangers were essentially evacuating people out of the exact area we just left as the bears were coming through. We talked to them for a while and got some info on what a quality, short, close hike would be.

This hike ended up being to a lovely little lake.


Despite the short amount of time we spent in Grand Teton, we still somehow spent way too long (at least according to our initial plan/schedule). What took up most of our time that was meant to be spent on the road again? Getting everything right in our tiny planet (that picture right below this).

On the loop back from our hike along the river and to the lake, we stopped to take some photos, and because Ryan adores tiny planets, we couldn’t not take one — at least in his mind. Keep in mind that no one was around to take this for us; we took our time to get everyone in the shot by having Ryan start the tiny planet and taking photos everywhere except where he would sit. Then Kendall took his place and took the last few photos. Tiny planets have come at least some way since we took this in August 2013, which means it’s harder to cut off people’s appendages now. To ensure everyone was fully intact, we spent probably 45 minutes or more taking picture after picture after picture. Even then we couldn’t get it just right and Ryan employed a little Photoshop to make sure we had full heads and arms.

I’ve yet to spend less time in a national park, but this summer my boyfriend and I plan to visit Grand Teton as it’s one place he absolutely loves. (Though to be honest he absolutely loves a lot of places and wants to share all of them with me.) During the winter we looked into renting a cabin or yurt in the area, but things didn’t pan out. Fingers crossed we get some camping time at Grand Teton in 2016 after all.


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