#NationalAnna: Yellowstone

I spent about 5 days in Yellowstone during August 2013. This trip came just a couple months after spending April through (the beginning of) June in New York for an internship. Talk about much needed time in nature. I adored New York, but I learned a lot about my need of being able to escape to nature with ease.

I loved my trip to Yellowstone so much that I actually compiled an entire book about the trip for a design class my last semester in college.

On this trip I was accompanied by my close friends Becca, Ryan and Kendall. The four of us packed into Ryan’s Toyota Corolla with all of our gear and had a simply magical time. Becca, Ryan and I adore sleeping in tents, cooking over fires and hiking all day long. Kendall tolerates being outside, but we made an outdoorsman out of him on this trip, even so much as convincing him to wake up before sunrise to go look at the wolves in Hayden Valley.

For me the highlight of the trip was seeing the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. This wasn’t something I had ever thought of or dreamed about, but the pictures from that day are what I think look at most often when I’m reminiscing about Yellowstone. Just remind me to bring an inhaler the next time I climb the stairs of Uncle Tom’s Trail.


Our little Bridge Bay campsite is where I left a piece of my heart. The placement of the tent Becca and I shared gave us a fantastic view of Yellowstone Lake. Each morning we’d unzip the tent door and look out onto the (somewhat) glassy water and feel so excited for the rest of the day.

Instead of writing more about this trip, because I could write about it for days on end, I’ll just direct you to where you can read my book in its entirety.


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