#NationalAnna: An Introduction

For a long time I’ve had the thought and loved the idea of visiting all of the national parks. Then I met Peter and that desire grew even more (namely because we share a love of road trips, hiking and Clif bars).

So this is me creating a project that will hold me accountable for this plan. (Not that I really need to be held accountable. I’m ecstatic about national parks.) After each trip I’ll be posting my thoughts here, along with photos of course. You can expect some “catch up” posts in the coming days and weeks for the parks I’ve previously visited. For future trips, you can follow along by checking out #NationalAnna on Twitter and Instagram.

Within the next three months I expect to visit Bryce Canyon and Great Basin and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s a long road ahead and I don’t expect to be done for a number of years, but I can’t say I’m complaining.

My first visit to a National Park. February 2011 at Arches. I had just turned 20.
My first visit to a national park. February 2011 at Arches. I had just turned 20.

2 thoughts on “#NationalAnna: An Introduction

    1. Because Arches was the first park I went to, I often consider that to be my favorite. I realize as I visit more parks that it’s going to be even harder to decide on favorites, though. I imagine I’ll start choosing favorites by region because they’re all so lovely in so many different ways.


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