Design Dreams: Neutrals

This piece from the Society6 shop WEAREYAWN is this week’s thing I wish I’d designed. A big reason I picked it is because Friday afternoon I’m leaving for a quick camping trip to Canyonlands. There aren’t a ton of trees or mountains down there, but the spirit is there. (EDIT: The reason I never posted this was because I was too busy getting all my belongings together for said trip and it was absolutely lovely and mind-blowing.)

Design doesn’t need to be bright and ostentatious and maybe a little in your face to be good. That’s the beauty of neutrals. It lets the design speak for itself. It lets you take in the design as a whole as there is not one particular color drawing your attention to a specific aspect. Sometimes that’s what should happen and one color should draw people in. But other times it’s nice to have something understated, at least when it comes to color choice. And with a piece that this that is nature-centric, the neutrals remind me of, well, nature. And that feels like I’m getting a hug.



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