Design Dreams: White space

I found this design a few months ago and fell in love with it because A) camping and B) glorious use of white space. The design is simple and little and just chills in the middle like that’s exactly where it’s supposed to be and nowhere else.


When I first started designing,  I vaguely understood the concept of white space. I knew that it should be there and I could identify when other people used it well, but I myself could not figure out how to implement it nicely. (I’ve always seemed to like when the kerning and tracking of letters is pretty tight, so that didn’t help either.)

Until one day I just could. Suddenly I could feel exactly how things should be placed to create a white space balance.

Well, not really. I designed a lot of ish and tried a lot of things before I really knew how to create good white space on my own, though it really did feel instantaneous. Once I had white space figured out, I realized how much I adored it; minimalism is my jam and so is white space. Less is more has become my design anthem. (It’s probably gotten to a point where I should start mastering artful/constructive chaos when it comes to design. Creating a busy design literally causes me anxiety.)

White space and minimalism don’t always go together, and it’s not that you can’t have one without the other, but I find that minimalistic things tend to use white space pretty liberally.

I’ll end with this quote from Adrian Frutiger:

When I put my pen to a blank sheet, black isn’t added but rather the white sheet is deprived of light. […] Thus I also grasped that the empty spaces are the most important aspect of a typeface.

Check out Connor’s other designs on tumblr; though they aren’t plentiful, they’re all great.


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