Design Dreams: Harry Potter

I’ve loved a lot of things in my almost 25 years of life, but few things I have loved as ardently as I love the boy wizard. As I’ve come to get involved in graphic design, I’ve realized there are few things I love as much as Harry Potter-related design, and this week’s Design Dreams post is a perfect example of Harry Potter-design capturing my mind and heart.

Risa Rodil made this poster for the Harry Potter Alliance’s 10th anniversary.


I’ve fallen in love with basically all of Risa’s work. Her lettering is always so perfect and she does an incredible job integrating small aspects of books/movies/shows/anything into her posters. The raised wands, the lightning bolt heart (which is the HPA logo) and snitch clearly relate to Harry Potter but still come across in a very minimalistic way. People who know Harry Potter will immediately spot the references, but those who don’t know the quote, or the symbols (though I’d hope they could recognize the wands as relating to magic/Harry Potter in some way), will just think it’s a nice poster. This is one of my favorite design aspects, when things like shirts and posters could almost be construed as “inside jokes” with admirers and fans.

To help the HPA keep doing kickass things, make sure to check out their Indiegogo, which is still going for another 10 days. You can even get this poster as a perk!

Make sure to check out Risa on tumblr and on Society6. She has incredible posters, mugs, shirts, etc. for sale.


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