Design Dreams: Minimalism Epitomized

I try to be a minimalist in a lot of areas of my life, but it shines through most brightly when it comes to graphic design. And that’s why I find myself drawn to other people’s minimalist work.

As is clear from my last few posters (LFC, Tottenham, Leicester), I’m a huge soccer fan. Few things make me happier than watching Premier League games way too early on Saturday mornings. When I saw these minimalist soccer club logos by Daniel Nyari, I about died of happiness.

arsenal chelsea dortmund mancity mufclfc












Each one perfectly captures the respective clubs, which is especially important when it comes to minimalist design work that’s a re-working of an actual logo/crest. People should still be able to identify what it’s being derived from. Just like soccer, beauty can be derived from putting together a few simple strokes/passes. That’s one thing I wish more people would realize about design: It doesn’t have to be busy or overly intricate to be beautiful and tell a story. Less is more!

I’m not particularly well-versed in Illustrator, but these designs make me even more eager to keep learning. (I’m not exactly sure it was used to make these, but the motivation is there nonetheless.)

Check out Daniel’s work on his society6 page.


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