Design Dreams: An Introduction

I avidly follow typography and graphic design blogs on tumblr, and I meticulously reblog and tag my favorite designs because A) sometimes you just want to look at pretty things, B) it’s an easy way to find things I know will inspire me, and C) the best way to get better at design is to practice copying other people’s work and styles.

A combination of all those reasons is what’s prompted me to start a series called “Design Dreams.” (Because these are designs I dream to make myself). Once a week I’m going to share my favorite design I encountered on tumblr. So expect a lot of gorgeous graphics from incredibly talented people and a little bit of designer talk from me.

You can expect these posts every Wednesday, which means the first one will be posted tomorrow!

(The featured image on today’s post is a design by Jess Matthews, a designer I recently discovered on, you guessed it, tumblr. Make sure to check out her immaculate Etsy store too.)


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